Guide to Claiming Homeowner’s Insurance

After an unexpected disaster, it is advisable that you act quickly in claiming your homeowner’s insurance so that you can make your transition to a normal life faster. If there are many of you in your area claiming from the same insurance firm, it is best to be among the first claimants, as paperwork will soon besiege the firm and might delay the processing of your homeowner’s insurance claims.

Contact Your Insurance Firm

After the disaster, contact your homeowner’s insurance broker or company. Ask for instructions on how claims can be processed more efficiently. Contact numbers and names of contact persons that you can call in case of insurance claims should be included in your personal management tools.Take Pictures of Damages

Take pictures of destroyed parts of your house after the disaster outside and inside. Keep these pictures together with pictures of your house and its attachments before the disaster.Make an Inventory of Losses

Go around your house and list items that need to be replaced or checked by the homeowner’s insurance adjuster. Leave damaged furniture and appliances as they are. Prepare receipts of these damaged items if you have them. If not, write estimates of their values. These could be considered by the adjusters even if they have their own estimates.Make Initial Repairs

The only repairs that you should do are repairs that prevent further deterioration or damage. These include patching holes in the walls or roofs and covering doors and windows. Keep in mind that whatever you spend for the emergency repairs are deducted from your total homeowner’s insurance proceeds. Choose contractors known for affordable but quality repair work. Keep repair receipts.Repair Estimates

Ask repair estimates from several registered home building contractors. Ask them to list the materials, the corresponding prices, the labor cost and other pertinent figures.Complete Paperwork

The faster you complete the documents needed by your homeowner’s insurance firm, the faster your claim is processed. Naturally, if your house is repaired at the soonest possible time, the soonest you and your family can go back living your normal lives without distractions from repairs and temporary accommodations.