Get a Home Insurance Quote from Top Insurers in Your State

Getting an insurance quote from the top insurers in your state ensures that you are getting reliable information and that you are giving your personal information to the right parties and not to fraudulent insurance businesses.

A lot of websites now are offering all types of insurance quotes, but before they provide you with their response, they first require you to fill up an online form and disclose your financial and personal information. If you are not careful, your information could be sold to marketers or worse, you could become a victim of identity theft.

There are, however, providers of insurance quotes that need only basic information such as name of city and state, zip code, type of house, number of bedrooms, estimate area, age of house and other information. You could try these just to get some estimates and have a general comparison of quotes from several insurance companies.

You can get the names of reputable companies in your state by contacting your state department of insurance. A number of websites operated by state insurance departments are user-friendly, updated frequently and complete with information needed by consumers.

Another resource is the website of the New York City-based Insurance Information Institute, an organization founded in the 1960s to educate consumers about insurance. This resource helps you how to get and use a home insurance quote properly. It also has a feature where you can see a list of home insurance companies operating in your state.

Another website that you can check is the, which is operated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This site informs consumers on how they can protect themselves from insurance fraud.

You can also know the names of insurance firms with good customer feedback by reading industry surveys and online reviews and by checking the most visited home insurance websites.

A survey conducted by J.D. Power showed that the top companies with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in 2009 were Amica Mutual, Auto-Owners, Erie Insurance, State Farm, USAA, Alfa, Hartford and Cincinnati Insurance. For a start, you can get quotes from the websites of these firms and then compare.

Additionally, the website traffic information provider Alexa lists State Farm, Geico, Farmers Insurance, Allstate and Nationwide as among the insurance sites getting the most traffic from consumers.

All in all, remember that the two most important things to consider when you are getting an insurance quote are the stability of the insurance firm and the perils covered by your policy.






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