Home Insurance Cancelled Because of Broken Window

A homeowner from Cape Coral got a letter that says her home insurance is cancelled because she is not able to maintain her house properly. The letter pointed out to a crashed window that has been broken for a very few days then.

Deborah Kearney thought that there was a mistake in the letter that was sent, but after gathering all the information, confirmed that it was really her and her insurance policy. Although she admits that her house is not perfect, it is well-maintained. There may be some flaws, but what kind of house does not have one? She thinks that the reasons given to her by her insurance company are not enough grounds for her insurance to be cancelled. She has invested a good amount of her income through time for her house’s protection, and she knows that it should not be taken away from her based on minor flaws of her house.

This is something that your own insurance company can do to you. Though it may sound ridiculous, a lot of home insurance firms are giving homeowners a lot of reasons to cancel the home insurance policy. You may even receive a letter that does not seem to have a reference.

The fact is, home insurance firms have the freedom and the liberty to cancel any insurance policy they want to without asking for the homeowner’s opinion and response. However, this is not the standard practice. Reputable companies would instead ask for the homeowner’s feedback and contribution about how they want to deal with their home insurance policy. This is most especially true if the issue of the homeowner is very minor.

As a homeowner, you should be responsible enough to not let your home insurance firm take away from you the protection you got for your house. It is your responsibility as much as it is your right. You might even be an example to other homeowners who have experienced being shut off by their home insurance company. If you do not file a complaint, you might see your home insurance policy taken away from you just like that.






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