Keep Your Homes Safe during Summer Vacation with Home Insurance

Families that are eagerly waiting for summer, expecting a great getaway and bonding experience with family members and friends, too often neglect precautionary measures to protect their homes while they are away. This protection includes physically protecting the house from burglars and disasters, as well as providing added holiday home insurance for their properties.

A good source for home insurance data, the Insurance Information Institute have reported that 65 percent of the 2.15 million burglaries each year occurs in residential areas. These break-in occurrences occur mostly during July and August, which are the peak vacation months. These burglaries can influence your records with insurance companies and affect the cost of your home insurance premiums. These facts should be taken into consideration before heading out with your family off to your vacation destination.

Showing the impression that there are people present in the home can be a physical deterrent for burglars. Aside from alarm systems, which can be worked around, timers for lights and certain appliances, would make it appear someone is at home. Put on some lights outside the home to keep burglars away and have someone look out after your home while you are away. Make sure that you are well covered with a home and contents insurance before you go.

You home should also be prepared and well protected from possible mishaps while you are away including fires and flooding. Ensure that all electrical appliances are plugged off, particularly ovens, stoves and flat irons. If you will be gone for several days, turn off all utilities right from the source like gas and water. These facilities can break down while you are away and cause considerable damage to your home while you are away. On top of that, ensure that you are well protected by checking if these are included in your home insurance coverage.

Lastly, never run off to your vacation destination without ensuring that you have a home insurance policy that covers your home and your properties. Having this peace of mind can make your vacation a worthy experience.






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