Protecting Your Homes from Burglary

Owning a dream home entails not only the beautification of the place but homeowners should also consider the importance of putting adequate security in the home. Securing the home includes physical security as well as home and contents insurance. Statistics show that one out of every six homes is burglarized.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that a home is broken into every 15.4 seconds and it only takes thieves and burglars approximately sixty seconds to break into a home. This fact alone should make homeowners more concerned about home security as well as ensuring that valuables are part of their home insurance coverage.

Burglary is defined as a property crime, involving breaking and entering as well as theft, when no one is present at home during the crime. There are no confrontational incidences with the perpetrators, but it could shatter a family’s security and leave them feeling violated and vulnerable. In some cases, burglary can lead to other more serious crimes. Again, it would be important to review your home insurance policy to check if your valuables and other properties are included. If not, ask your agent for a quote on home content insurance.

To deter burglary and make your homes less susceptible to breaking and entering, follow the following practical tips.

  • Keep all doors locked at all times. This includes windows and other possible openings into the home. Use high quality deadbolt locks as well as additional blocking mechanisms for windows.
  • Keep you valuables hidden from the eyes of intruders. Most burglars would target what they can spot during their surveillance for targets. Install drapes and blinds to cover windows and garages.
  • Burglars will stay away from well-lit areas. Be sure to maintain external lights and keep internal lights on particularly if you are leaving the house for some time.
  • A well-kept lawn suggest recent activity and owner presence that burglars will shun away from.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Ensure that your valuables and other properties are part of your home insurance coverage.






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