Review Your Home Insurance to Prepare for the Winter Months

As the weather changes, your house may get damaged. Especially during winter, you should keep your property in top condition and make sure that your home insurance will be able to cover any damages done by the weather. Here are ten tips to keep your property in good condition during the winter:

  1. Do a review of your home insurance policy. Make sure that your home insurance covers your whole property, as well as new items that added to your house.
  2. Place valuable items upstairs. This is to protect them from possible floods.
  3. Unplug electrical appliances. In case of harsh weather that may cause flooding, you should unplug all electrical items and place them as high as possible. You should also turn off the main switches to cut off electrical flow in the house.
  4. Make sure that all items are secured and will not be washed away during the flood.
  5. Keep your house clean and well-maintained. Make sure that no drainages are clogged, and gutters are cleared of blockages such as leaves and other clutter.
  6. Equip your house with flood defenses. These include sandbags and other devices designed to keep flood from entering your house.
  7. Have an emergency kit ready. In the event that a flood comes, it is important that you have all the items you need to give first aid to anyone who can get wounded.
  8. Have an inventory. Whether you keep a list, photos, or a video of your property, it is important to keep secure files that serve as proof of your material possessions. You need this when you will file a claim for your home insurance.
  9. Keep your home insurance files in a secure place. Keep a hard copy and a digital file of your home insurance documents. You’ll never know when you’re going to need them. Also, keep your home insurance agent’s contact number so that you can reach the easily in case of emergency.
  10. Look at other home insurance sellers. You can find home insurance companies that offer better coverage for weather-related damages to your home and the items inside it.






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