Surviving a Hurricane With Safety Measures and Home Insurance

If you live in the coastal regions of the U.S., you probably have witnessed the fury of storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods and landslides during the hurricane season. Surely, you understand the importance of preparing for the next season.

During the cyclone season, aside from the preservation of one’s own life and the lives of family members, the most pressing concern of many residents in hurricane-prone areas is the preservation of the home. And predictably, the one thing that homeowners think about in relation to home preservation is home insurance.

You should also have known by now that the standard homeowners insurance does not cover losses or damages caused by hurricanes. That is why you and most others in your area have obtained homeowners insurance policies that specifically cover losses due to hurricanes.

Hurricane insurance typically covers the loss of the house or damages to the house due to wind, rain, theft, vandalism and hurricane-caused fire. Typically, it does not cover losses due to floods caused by hurricanes. Thus, check your home insurance coverage and see to it that it has the following:

  • It reflects the current value of your house.
  • It includes living expenses in temporary accommodations while your house is being repaired.
  • It includes flood coverage.
  • It includes coverage for all valuables.

There are also other preparations you need to do in order to ensure your and your family’s safety. They include the following:

  • Create an evacuation plan, making sure that every member of the family knows what to do in every possible event that may arise.
  • Set a contact point or phone number outside the state or city in the event that family members are separated from each other.
  • Put together an emergency supply kit that includes non-perishable food, water, clothing, flashlight, sleeping bags, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, can opener, batteries and children’s supplies.
  • Store important documents such as home insurance policies, other insurance policies, licenses and financial certificates in a secure storage facility.






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