The Importance of Unoccupied House Insurance

If you own real estate properties such as vacation houses, you should make sure that these are all protected by getting unoccupied house insurance. It is best if you ask around for different options you can have as you look for this particular house insurance coverage.

To be considered as unoccupied, a house should be vacant for one (1) month or more. A lot of homeowner policies do not cover unoccupied houses, and would void insurance coverage. Some insurance firms do this since unoccupied homes are more likely to be damaged or broken into. In addition, in case of disaster such as fire or flood, no one can report the matter immediately, and this would result to more costly repairs.

There are a lot of ways to obtain unoccupied house insurance. First, you have to fill up a Vacancy Permit form from your present house insurance company. This would give you coverage from the time that the house would be unoccupied. In case your house insurance provider does not offer unoccupied house insurance, then you can look for other firms that offer this kind of coverage.

It is important to note that you can switch your coverage if ever your house becomes occupied in the future. You do not have settle with this kind of coverage. There are a lot of companies that offer different kinds of unoccupied house insurance. You just have to determine what your house needs, and compare the offers of the different companies you may encounter.

As you look around, you should be extra careful in making your decision. You can be swayed by advertising, but you should make sure of all the details involved in the insurance. Remember that once disaster strikes or if your house is broken into, there are a lot of costs that can be needed to replenish your house.

Without the right knowledge about your unoccupied house insurance, you might end up with a damaged property without the ability to file claims. Make sure that you know all the details, and that you know all your rights as a homeowner and an insurance policy holder. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct inventory of your house and all the contents in it.






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