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  • Know the Property Coverage of Your Home Insurance

    Whether you purchase your home insurance from your long-time insurance agent or you want to look for more attractively-priced insurance products online from other insurance companies, it is essential that you know what a home insurance policy really is and what things are covered. Basically, a home insurance policy is a tool you use to […]

  • Things You Should Know About Home Insurance Policies

    In this time of recession, home insurance is the farthest thing in your mind to buy. You would rather set aside the extra money that you have for emergencies. But what if your house were robbed or burned down in a fire and you lost everything, every single appliance and other valuable things. You have […]

  • How to Do a Home Inventory for Your Home Insurance Policy

    Everyone wants to maximize their home insurance policy. Just how do you do that? First, you have to know that your home insurance policy does not only cover the house itself, but also your personal properties in it. In case of fire, flood or other disasters, your home insurance policy can replace your lost or […]

  • Your Home Insurance Coverage

    The standard Homeowner-3 insurance policy or HO-3 generally includes natural disasters: Fire Hail Lightning Vandalism Hurricanes/storms Explosions Tornadoes Theft (man-made) But not: Floods Earthquakes Break-ins If you are not definite of what your home insurance includes, have a chat with your home insurance agent. Bring up the idea of increasing the coverage of your insurance […]

  • Keep Your Vacant Homes Occupied to Prevent Home Insurance Expiration

    The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that there were already 18.6 millions empty homes in the country during quarter one of 2008. Most were attributed to abandoned homes by families failing to make monthly payments, while over a million has been foreclosed or repossessed by banks or lending institutions. The rest are from still unoccupied […]

  • Check if Your Home Insurance Is Adequate

    Was your home insurance purchased when you took out a mortgage loan? Then probably it is a standard home insurance. This means your policy covers only the basic risks to your home. It is time then to take a look at your policy and check if it covers all risks prevalent in your state. There […]

  • Are Your Valuables Protected by Your Home Insurance?

    If you check your homeowners insurance, the personal items typically covered are: furniture appliances jewelry coins collectibles If you have more valuable possessions in your home, consider obtaining home contents insurance or the specialized home insurance policy called personal article insurance floater. Among treasures covered jewelry collections rare collectibles wines antiques small sculptures postage stamps […]

  • Check Your Home Insurance Policies for Flood Risk Coverage

    While inclusion of floods in home insurance coverage is mandated for properties located in flood-prone areas, regular home insurance policies do not include natural disasters such as floods in the risk coverage. However, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) reports that a fourth of flood insurance claims were made by homeowners coming from low-to-moderate flood […]

  • Save on Winter Repairs with the Help of Home Insurance

    Preparing for winter is best done a few weeks before the season gets underway. Winter preparation checklist includes winter clothes, fireplace, hot chocolate, and one more thing – house repairs. The cold season usually takes its toll on homes. Hence, it is wise to do some minor renovations ahead of time so as to enjoy […]