Five Steps for Home Insurance Claim Preparation

Filing a home insurance claim is a very important task for every homeowner. Before you file your claim, make sure that you know all the information you need. Moreover, you should be able to do it the right way so that you will not miss anything and that you will get what you deserve in your claim. Here are five steps to preparing for and filing your home insurance claim.

  1. Inform your home insurance company immediately. As soon as the damage (or damages) has been done, call your agent and ask for assistance about your home insurance claim. Your agent will give you information about the next steps that you should take for your home insurance policy.
  2. Make an assessment of your property and document it for proof. Depending on what available equipment you have, you can take pictures or shoot a video of your property and the damages you will file a claim on. You can use this to as proof when you file your home insurance claim.
  3. Do your own repair of the things that you can do yourself. Do not worry, you can reimburse all the expenses you would have to make when doing repairs. Just keep the receipts and present it to your home insurance company for a reimbursement. You are responsible for your property. Aside from making minor repairs, you can also start securing your property by doing preventive measures, such as securing your roof.
  4. Keep a list of the items you think are damaged or lost. Go through your whole house and ask everyone who lives in your house to recall any item that was previously there but is now missing. If your home insurance includes replacement cost coverage, you can have your old items replaced even if the values are different.
  5. Wait for your home insurance claim. If you want to file a home insurance claim right after a natural disaster, chances are you will not get immediate attention from the home insurance company. This is especially true when the damages on your property are not as serious as what other homeowners are experiencing. While waiting, you can stay in communication with your home insurance agent so that you can get updates about when you can get your home insurance claim.




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