Category: Home Insurance Claims

  • Five Steps for Home Insurance Claim Preparation

    Filing a home insurance claim is a very important task for every homeowner. Before you file your claim, make sure that you know all the information you need. Moreover, you should be able to do it the right way so that you will not miss anything and that you will get what you deserve in […]

  • Risks to Home Insurance Claims

    There are different reasons why a home insurance claim is usually rejected. How do you assess if your property will still get insurance? Here are important elements that can put a big risk on your home insurance: False information. Most of the time, we are tempted to include some untrue information on our home insurance […]

  • Home Insurance Claims Management Tips

    Here are some hints to watch out for that says your home insurance claim is not fair: The insurance adjuster does not make a clear and exact estimate of the damages your house suffered. It is important that realistic estimates are made by the home insurance adjuster. Ask for a more detailed and extensive estimate […]

  • A Different Kind of Home Insurance

    Residence insurance is really not a type of home insurance. It is a policy for homeowners to help protect their properties. It is also called as “package policy” because of the following coverage: Structure damages of the house Damages on personal items Necessary expenses if a homeowner is unable to reside in his house after […]