Home Insurance Claims Management Tips

Here are some hints to watch out for that says your home insurance claim is not fair:

  1. The insurance adjuster does not make a clear and exact estimate of the damages your house suffered. It is important that realistic estimates are made by the home insurance adjuster. Ask for a more detailed and extensive estimate of the adjustment for your home insurance.
  2. An almost instant settlement. Similar to the first hint, a settlement made almost instantly is a sign that you are not being given a fair settlement. When you are given an offer, resist it and ask for a detailed breakdown of the damages, as well as the estimates. It is also best to get other opinion about the estimates so that you are sure to be able to compare your home insurance claim.
  3. You do not get attention from your insurance company. This is a sign that they do not want to give you what you actually deserve. Be more proactive in dealing with your insurance company when asking for a home insurance claim. The next time you call and get told that your adjuster is not present, do not hang up. Ask for a person in authority, such as a supervisor. Be firm and say that you will not hang up until you are able to talk to somebody who can help you with your home insurance claim.
  4. Your home insurance claim is continuously delayed. Insurance companies should be able to resolve home insurance claims within a specific time frame. However, policies governing this can sometimes be bent and time frames can be adjusted, extending the time until your home insurance claim is issued. Be assertive and watch out if your insurance company is just stalling. If they keep on asking you for clarifications on your claim forms, it might just be that they are holding you off. Be more aware of your rights as a homeowner and be more proactive in dealing with such.




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