Your Home Insurance and Crime

Every home insurance provider would want to maintain the number of claims to the lowest possible number. They prize the insurance holders who have a very low possibility of filing a claim, and they try to keep them by offering good service and deals.

For example, a house that is equipped with the best home security system is seen as a secure one. When a house is as secure as it can be, it has a very low chance of being robbed. Home insurance companies see homeowners who have secure properties as people who are least likely to file for a home insurance claim. In fact, homeowners whose houses are equipped with advanced home security systems can see their annual premium decrease by 15 to 20 percent. This is a home insurance company’s way to keep their customers.

Your house and the contents in it are actually worth more than how much you think they are. Insurance companies, in case something happens to your house, have to pay a fairly large amount to match the actual value of your house and your possessions. If you do an actual evaluation of your house and the other items in it, you will be able to see that your home insurance policy may even actually be a lot cheaper than the value of your home. On the average, a middle class American has $3,000 worth of random things that are just lying around their house.

Every house is prey to thieves. As a homeowner, you should take the responsibility to keep your house as safe as possible, not only to secure your possessions, but also to protect your family. Insurance companies, however, just care about your material possessions. They do not want to shell out large amounts of money to cover the cost of stolen items in your house. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies value homeowners who take the necessary steps in securing their houses. They even give benefits to insurance policy holders that have home security systems installed in their houses.

Your house can be evaluated based on the following security items: deadbolts, burglar alarms, window locks and electronic home protection systems. Spending on such will give you larger returns by saving on your home insurance.






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